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Developer Portal

Developer Portal


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Improve the existing Playphone Developer Portal without changing core functionality. 


Successful deployment of several features based on feedback from developers. In a nutshell, developers were able to submit and manage their games in a smoother, clearer way on our platform. 


Playphone's Developer Portal is where over 2000 game developers submit their games to be discovered by gamers on the Playphone game store for Android. It's their primary interface for game managing details about their games as well (adding pictures, APK game files, etc). 

When I began working on the developer portal, there was input from developers on their experience with the tool - developer portal met most of their needs, but we were seeing increased volumes of similar feature requests. Below are a few that I designed. 

The new platform distribution UI

The new platform distribution UI

Platform Distribution
One of the most important things for a game developer on our platform is to be able to select where (and on what networks) their game would be available. The old platform distribution UI was confusing and didn't quickly communicate where games were available. I designed a simple update to the visual structure. 

Device Exclusions
When uploading Android APKs (their game file), game developers needed the capability to exclude certain devices from their games. I designed a search-powered device exclusions tool that was part of the APK management section. Developers can search and select devices that they don't want their games on.

With an enormous number of devices, makes, and models, we tested a few ways to display the information. Sorting by manufacturer in an accordion menu format was the UI that won out and got implemented. 

Comment Attachments
A permanent comments section was a feature in the developer portal to foster speedier communication between developers and the Playphone team. We enhanced this tool to be capable of handling attachments (which were primarily images) so developers could show the Playphone team visuals.

Internationalization: a language selector option

Internationalization & Language Selection
Playphone is increasing partnerships with game developers from China and other countries, we began the internationalization process of developer portal. With this came the necessity for developers to be able to select their language.