Designing a developer-centric experience


Designing a developer-centric experience




In the summer of 2017, after Playphone had launched msports, our team was manually sourcing games for the msports platform. With scale in mind, we sought to build out a game developer portal for developers to seamlessly submit and manage their msports games on their own.

Working with product and engineering, I headed the design of the msports developer portal and saw it through to deployment in September 2017.



I designed a developer portal that kept the focus on developers, and was built for scale. By creating a 5-step workflow for developers to submit their games, we reduced friction and ambiguity in the game submission and management workflows.



User Research, Testing, UI/UX Design, Visual Design


May 2017–
September 2017


Sketch, Zeplin



Game submission
I distilled the game submission process down to 5 steps, addressing technical, legal, and visual requirements. User progress is tracked by a universal progress bar, and game submission information is autosaved should they exit the developer portal. 


Game developers need to track a variety of data for their games on the msports platform. In the msports developer portal, I included a reports section which provides detailed information on gamer activity, engagement, transaction (if the user bought any in-app products, for example), and payout reports. Each report can be filtered and exported. 

Payout report feature where developers can track a variety of metrics


Multiple users, roles & permissions
With many game developer companies having multiple users touching various aspects of their games on the msports developer portal, we added a roles & permissions functionality. Game dev company admins can invite, assign, and manage users on their account, as well as add and manage subsidiary companies.

The flow for adding a user to your msports Developer Portal account


Visual design language