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msports Onboarding

msports Onboarding


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To design a versatile, low-friction, scalable sign up and log in experience. Given that msports was a new product, building brand and product awareness was a key factor.


Simple sign up and log in flow whose deployment was met with excellent conversion rates of new visitors. 


When we began working on msports, we had a two-sided product concept, where gamers could also be the ones creating their own tournaments for their friends. For that, I designed a flow where we'd get a user into our system first, then let them choose whether they wanted to find tournaments to play or create a new one of their own. 

Early end of a sign up flow when we were planning on letting players create their own tournaments

As our product evolved, we scrapped the two-ended model and decided on a simplified experience. Upon observing and taking in data from user testing sessions of previous prototypes, it was clear that signing up and logging were treated as little more than a necessary evil to keep playing.

The final sign up and log in flow.

Using these inputs, we decided to ensure, at a baseline, that users would have either:

1) the shortest possible path to play games and win prizes

2) the latest and shortest possible bridge between key events in tournament game play

We optimized for the user who'd be engaged in game play and would want to continue onto a tournament. Upon receiving a score to "post" to a tournament, the user would be prompted to sign up or log in. 

Our product required email or social sign up and log in authentication. We tested Facebook and Google log in (an assumption being that the largest number of our users would have one of these accounts) with email log in. Social login reigned and was prioritized. 

CPCV ad placement at the end of the sign up and log in flows

CPCV ad placement at the end of the sign up and log in flows

The tightness of the sign up and log in experiences also meant that other features to drive revenue and user engagement could be easily baked in. A revenue driver example was the addition of video ads, which we added in once sign up and log in info was authenticated.