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Making trips simpler to track


Making trips simpler to track




As someone who loves to travel, something I always noticed was the sheer volume of travel apps and information available. People often shuffle between emailed itineraries and boarding passes connected to airline apps and Wallets on their journeys from one place to another. With all the complexity in the air (all puns intended) I sought to find a way to simplify this – particularly the way we store, manage and share our trips. 



Tripper is still an ongoing project. While the app currently is solely a prototype, the goal is to test it further, validate, and develop it to be a full-fledged iOS app.



User Research, Testing, UI/UX Design, Visual Design, Branding


November 2017 – present


Sketch, InVision, Principle

Viewing and sharing a trip on Tripper

Viewing and sharing a trip on Tripper



Tripper functions around the core idea of having a "trip" to which you can add flights and stays (any accommodation). The app will be able to sync with the user's email to parse flight and accommodation information to present in a simple, elegant way on the app. The user will then be able to share trips, with the app using their contacts. 

Flow for managing and adding a trip with email 

Adding a trip by syncing your Gmail 

Adding a trip by syncing your Gmail